Sunday, July 31, 2011

eskimo art by cottie burland

i borrowed this book from the library at my work - it immediately caught my eye. here are some great photos from inside. the author is clearly a cutie. i especially like the prints (which were cut from stone!!) and the orange double-spread is carved from a whale vertebrae.

artifactory waterloo

all the members of my work were invited to take part in a very neat project called Artifactory, where each artist chooses a heritage house in waterloo and represents it in whatever medium they'd like. my house is the devitt-voelker house, with this description:

"A former farmhouse in some 300 acres of farmland, this storey -and-a-half brick building was in bad repair by the time Dr. Philip Voelker, Medical Officer of Health for the town, purchased it in 1940. As a result of the restoration efforts of Dr. Voelker and his brother, the house is today recognized as a heritage landmark in the City of Waterloo.

The Devitt-Voelker house has elements of the mid-nineteenth-century Victorian Gothic style in which the romantic was replacing the formality of the earlier Georgian. This change was resulted from a borrowing from various styles and traditions, including Greek, Roman and medieval. Among those elements are the “gingerbread” bargeboards and tall finial on the dormer, the broken arch of the gable's window, and the tripartite windows of the front facade."

I am in love with it. I'm going to represent it using solvey and thread - a technique perfected by miss meghan herself, but i am stealing it. ill create each wall leaving windows open, and when the whole house is constructed in 3d thread, ill get a small light for the inside. the show runs from september 14 to february 24, in the city of waterloo museum.

here is a historical photo and some i took last night for reference.

vintage chef

i haven't blogged for a while, forgive me. meghan has been picking up my slack. let's start off with one of my favourite things - vintage kitchen implements. this website, lone hand, has a whole section for the vintage chef. the native head jar is "perfect for a sourdough starter batch". something beautiful about that. and those are real antler handles.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The house I grew up in had a hammock in the backyard. The squirrels would chew it, stored in the rafters of the garage all winter but come summer it was strung under an apple tree in the shade. Shake the ants out and it became a private retreat. I would read, or dream or sit with a pal in it. Secrets were shared in the hammock and problems worked through. Carnival rides would be given in it, sisters flipped out onto the ground. Rabbits hopped around the yard as we took turns pushing each other higher and higher. I am feeling nostalgic, missing my summers at home.